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ActionMOD Android 5.0
App name Kick The Buddy: Second Kick
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Unlimited Money

Version 1.14.1508
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You had best be ready to kick your stress to the curb because the Android version of Kick the Buddy: Second Kick has finally been here. This exciting and interesting mobile game gives you a realistic physical simulation in which you may take out your frustrations and get the greatest amount of enjoyment. This game is the perfect companion for relieving tension due to its new features and categories, updated wardrobe for Buddy, his voice, and the potential to construct ridiculous combinations. All of these elements contribute to the game’s overall appeal. Let’s get dirty with the game’s enjoyable components and see how liberating it is to leave your worries in the dust.


The physically redesigned environment of Kick the Buddy: Second Kick fundamentally alters how the concept of stress relief is conceived and practiced. Indulge in the amusement of conversing with a vibrant and responsive Buddy as you let your imagination go wild and devise creative techniques for reducing stress. The game’s physics engine ensures that every action you do has a satisfying and realistic result. This includes everything from punching and slapping to explosions and severe weather, contributing to an immersive and entertaining experience overall.


The good times just keep flowing in this game because of all of the additional content and locations that can be discovered. It would be best to arm yourself with a more varied selection of weapons, equipment, and tools. The game offers a wide variety of options for creatively wreaking havoc, including the use of conventional armament such as firearms and swords, as well as the employment of more bizarre materials such as rubber chickens and doughnuts that explode when hit with an explosive. Experiment with a few different things and discover what helps you unwind and have a good time.


Your stress-relieving companion Buddy is returning to Kick the Buddy: Second Kick decked out in an entirely new attire. Utilizing various clothing and accessories, you may completely transform Buddy’s look from one session to the next. You may make your time de-stressing with Buddy more enjoyable by dressing him up in silly costumes or attractive outfits or providing him with interesting accessories. You can now construct a Buddy that reflects your unique sense of style and adds a touch of fun to the game with the new outfit.


The narrative shifts to Buddy’s point of view for the first time in this game. As you put Buddy through several exercises designed to relieve tension, pay attention to his reactions, ideas, and complaints. Conversation with Buddy is easily one of the game’s most entertaining aspects because of his witty one-liners and humorous asides. Even your time spent relaxing and releasing stress will be more enjoyable, thanks to the charismatic addition of Buddy’s voice.


In Kick the Buddy: Second Kick, you can put together strange combos that can result in tremendous amounts of mayhem. To cause the most damage and havoc possible, you should combine unusual weapons, tools, and other gadgets. Unleash effects that will shock your mind by discovering previously undiscovered permutations. Creating a faultless chain of events and basking in the magnificent results of those events is a sensation that cannot be compared to anything else. Allow your imagination to go wild, and experiment with various combinations for the highest possible stress relief.

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