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Concepts is a unique vector-based ideation and sketching tool that allows you to take your ideas from initial concept through to reality. With its infinite canvas and flexible nature, Concepts reimagines the creative process by providing a safe space to explore ideas through sketching, mindmapping, storyboarding and more.


Concepts offers a wide range of features that make it the ideal app for developing your ideas. With realistic pencils, pens and brushes that respond to pressure and tilt, you can bring your visions to life through natural drawing and sketching. Its infinite canvas with adjustable grids gives you the space to spread out while customizable tools and presets let you design the perfect creative workflow. Advanced color picking and an infinite layering system give professionals the control needed for polished work. But Concepts is also approachable – with easy-to-use shape guides, sizing and selection tools even beginners can quickly produce clean, precise sketches and diagrams.


Whether you’re a student brainstorming story ideas, an engineer prototyping a new product, or an animator storyboarding your next short film, Concepts provides a dynamic environment to organize your thoughts and bring your concepts to the page. Popular with companies like Disney, Unity, Apple and more, professionals rely on Concepts capabilities for flexible vector-based drawing, references, unlimited undo/redo and collaborative sharing. But the app also makes an ideal companion for everyday note taking, to-do lists, diagrams and personal projects – capturing inspiration whenever it strikes.


While the free version of Concepts offers an extensive set of tools to get you started, upgrading allows you to unlock your full creative potential. Premium subscriptions provide access to every feature across platforms, keeping your projects synced as you work. One-time Essentials purchases give you pro-level selection and tools for precision work. Additional brushes, templates and specialized exports help professionals integrate Concepts seamlessly into collaborative workflows. Regular updates also bring new capabilities to inspire ideas and help bring them to fruition.


In summary, Concepts is a must for any visual thinker, idea-haver or creative professional looking to improve their ideation and pre-production process. Its flexible infinite canvas, precision tools and collaborative features allow professionals to efficiently develop amazing concepts. But it’s also welcoming to hobbyists and students, providing an accessible yet powerful environment to explore creativity. Regular updates ensure it stays on the cutting edge of digital sketching. Between its versatile free features and range of premium upgrades, there’s a Concepts plan for every budget and workflow. For transforming abstract thoughts into tangible early-stage designs, Concepts is an app well worth downloading.

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